ASCE Dallas Membership Info

Who do I contact with Membership questions?
The Dallas Branch Membership Chair at [email protected].

Current ASCE Members:

If you are a member of ASCE and wish to stay informed on Dallas Branch activities, there are now two ways to update your contact information and e-mail address:

  1.  Use the Dallas Branch website and update your info by clicking on "Member Area" in the top right section of the page, login with your Dallas Branch user ID and password and update your info.  This update will automatically be sent to ASCE National for their update as well.

  2.  Visit the ASCE National Web Page to log in to your account and update it there.  The Dallas Branch website will be updated with all the changes from National ASCE on a monthly basis.

We're here to serve you!  For all other questions or concerns about membership applications and/or guidelines, please e-mail [email protected] or call 800-548-2723 or 703-295-6300.  We greatly value your interest in and support of ASCE and will promptly answer your questions!


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