Education Outreach


The mission of the Education Outreach Committee is "to inspire elementary, middle, and high school students to pursue STEM careers by connecting them with working professionals." Continued success of this committee of ASCE Dallas Branch is to sponsor opportunities that support our local community, interest our professionals, and raise awareness of the civil engineering specialties.

In addition to supporting locally run STEM events, this year the Education Outreach Committee is championing three specific initiatives: DISD Bridge Building Competition, Girl Scouts Cookie Box Creations Competition, and the Woodrow Wilson High School CE Club. 

  Each initiative is seeking judges, mentors, and speakers to help support and grow the programs. A brief description about the 2016-2017 initiatives is provided below:


DISD Bridge Building Competition

ASCE Dallas is partnering with the DISD STEM Department to help develop a new Bridge Building Competition. Student teams will design and build balsa wood bridges during their fall semester. Then at the annual STEM Day in February, the teams will put their bridges to the test! ASCE members will act as competition judges, as well as host a booth about Civil Engineering.

For more information about STEM Day, visit the event webpage at

Championed by Jennifer Smith & Omar Venzor


Girl Scouts Cookie Box Creations Competition

For the third year, ASCE Dallas will be mentoring a team of Girl Scouts in the North East Texas “Cookie Box Creation” Competition. The mentors will guide the scouts through the design-build process of a creation made primarily out of the iconic cookie boxes. The team will meet from November to March and is still looking for more mentors!

Coverage of last year’s competition day at the Dallas Galleria Mall can be seen at

Championed by Paulina Cristoforo


Woodrow Wilson High School CE Club 

ASCE Dallas Branch continues to support the CE Club at Woodrow Wilson High School in east Dallas. The goal of the club is to get high school students interested and hooked on civil engineering through interactions with practicing engineers. Over the course of the school year, professionals from all branches of civil engineering serve as “substitute teachers” for a day and present to the upper level civil engineering classes.

Read a full recap of last year’s activities at

Championed by Jonathan Brower


 ASCE Members interested in being mentors, judges, or speakers as part of these initiatives are encouraged to contact Jennifer Roath at!