Future Cities 2018 Recap

Future Cities 2018

The Younger Member event at UT Arlington’s Future Cities Competition went very well.  We had a total of 24 teams ranging in size from 3 students to entire classrooms participate this year.  The age range went all the way from elementary school to 8th grade.  Last year’s winner went on to get first place at Nationals!

This year’s competition theme was “the age friendly city” and I have to say that if you’re not comfortable with Uncle Sam knowing everything about you at all times, the future may not be for you.  While the designs included open parks, accessible transportation and activities designed to keep the elderly generations active and happy, the majority of them also incorporated a lot of privacy invasive things:

  • Pills designed to release vitamins and medicine when triggered from the hospital
  • Pillows that monitor your sleep cycle and emit soothing frequencies to encourage deeper sleep
  • Toilets linked to your local hospital for monitoring purposes
  • Clothing that constantly reports your location and activity level to the hospital

ASCE Dallas had three volunteers show up.  I want to give a big shout out to Ben Claessens and Barry Evans for joining me and helping facilitate this incredible event.