President's Message - February 2018

Mark Boyd

Dear Dallas Branch Membership:

Thanks to all of you our first set of meetings at the Vouv were a resounding success! I want to again express my appreciation to Larry Goldberg, our current Texas Section President, for speaking and helping us to celebrate our Outstanding Section Award. Our morning geotechnical roundtable packed the large dedicated room we now have for morning and afternoon sessions. I realize things did not go perfectly, but our team has already gathered up all the lessons learned feedback from your comments and we’ve passed those on to Vouv management. Your leadership team is committed to continued improvement as we all get used to this new Venue and service format. Hopefully you’ll notice a few changes and improvements for our February meeting.

For the upcoming February 12th meeting sponsored by ADS we’ll have Jacob Niemeier speaking to us about “Water Master Planning in the Present is the Future for Smaller Cities - Town of Addison Case Study”. Our Technical Director Gary Dreighton will host his usual quality morning and afternoon technical sessions including, EWRI techinical session in the morning by Daniel Nix with the City of Wichita Falls and the EWB techinical session in the afternoon by Julie Jones of Nathan D. Maier, our current Branch Vice President who will be presenting an “Overview of EWB-USA and Water for Culli Culli, El Alto, Bolivia”. From now on the technical sessions will be in the same convenient room  each month, right next to the Vouv main banquet Hall. 

The awards for this Branch's leadership just keep pouring in.  Congratulations to Jonathan Brower of La Fuess Partners, our current Branch Director, just received the ASCE Global Outstanding Younger Member Award in Community Activities.  He was recognized in January at the MRLC 2018 event in Omaha. Way to go Jonathan!  Well deserved for all you do for the greater good.

See you at the meeting!  


Yours in service to ASCE,

Mark Boyd, PE

ASCE Dallas Branch, 2017-2018