OCEA Award Nominations

The deadline for OCEA Award Nominations has been extended to January 5th, 2018.

About the OCEA Award

In accordance with the Texas Section’s Rules of Operation, the Texas Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement (OCEA) Award may be given on an annual basis to the completed project that demonstrates the greatest contribution to civil engineering progress and to society. The Texas OCEA Award, thereby, honors the outstanding work of the many engineers who have contributed to the project. Merit Awards may also be presented to other projects, which are considered worthy.

The award is for civil engineering projects designed and/or built in Texas.

Nomination Process

An ASCE award entry kit is available here.

Nominations may be made by a Branch or any Subscribing Member of the Texas Section, and should be submitted electronically to the Texas Section ( addressed to the Chair of the Past Presidents Council by January 5th.

Selection of Awardees

The Past Presidents Council will serve as judges for the award and make recommendations to the Section’s Executive Committee. The recommendation of the Executive Committee will be made to the Section’s Board of Direction for final action.

Judging criteria will be as described in the Society-level OCEA Award Entry Form. Email submissions to

For more information on the OCEA Award, please visit: