CE Club October 2017 Update

Civil Engineering Students from UT-Arlington

Two civil engineering students from the UT-Arlington ASCE Student Chapter, Nick Sopko and AJ Czubai, opened up the 2017-2018 CE Club at Woodrow Wilson High School. They explained what it means to be an ASCE Student Chapter, including the steel bridge and concrete canoe competitions that their chapter fields every year. AJ walked the students through the typical class schedule flowchart that it takes to earn a degree in civil engineering from UT-Arlington. He also walked the students through a simple-span beam problem to give the high school students a taste of a college-level statics class.

Nick and AJ also took time to explain their backgrounds and share why they decided to study engineering. Their presentation was a great way to show the CE Club students how important ASCE as an organization can be to their development as a civil engineer if that is the career path they choose to take after high school.