2017 YM Month - Volunteers Needed

2017 ASCE Dallas YM Month - Younger Members Needed!

Every year ASCE Dallas sets aside the month of May as Younger Members Month. The goal of this month is to celebrate our Branch’s Younger Members, while also exposing them to the inner workings of the Branch, specifically when it comes to running the monthly Branch luncheon. We are looking for willing and able Younger Members (35 years of age and under) to volunteer at the May 8th, 2017 Branch meeting for the following roles:

  • Invocation Speaker
  • Scholarship Winners table: 

    o   Sit with our G.B. Mann Scholarship winners during the luncheon, congratulate them on their accomplishments, and encourage them as they move into their college career!

  • Civil Engineering Club table: 

    o   Sit with 10 of our ASCE Dallas CE Club students during the luncheon and ask them how their day-long field trip with ASCE has been going!

Getting involved in YM Month is a great way for you to get involved with ASCE Dallas and help the Branch find a new batch of fresh faces to apply for chair and officer positions in the fall!

Please email Jonathan Brower and Farwa Sultan if you are interested in volunteering!