CE Club May 2017 Update

Geotechnical Engineering with Kleinfelder

Gwen Sollenberger of Kleinfelder spoke to the CE Club students about her career as a geotechnical engineer. She started with some background on her path through college in Florida which included involvement in the ASCE student chapter, working as a research assistant at Florida Institute of Technology, and a co-op at a local engineering firm. She shared with the high school students that she didn't know she wanted to be a geotechnical engineer until later in her college career when she noticed that she was excelling more and more in her geotechnical classes. From there she showed great perseverance through the economic downturn when it was very difficult to find a job by working anyway she could, even if it didn't necessarily mean doing something engineering related.

Next, Gwen shared what she does on a daily basis including site visits, lab tests, developing construction documents, and writing reports for other engineers and clients to use. She also showed the students some pictures of the equipment used for field studies including boring rigs. 

Finally, Gwen showed the students a map highlighting all the locations where she has had the opportunity to work on projects. These opportunities have included things like retaining wall design and slope failure analysis in the DFW area as well as other unique geotechnical techniques including helical piles, driven timber piles, and geofoam. Additional photos from Gwen’s presentation can be found here.