YM Camping Trip Recap


There are few things as determined or rugged as the Spirit of Texas. In times of trials and tribulations, the Texan will adapt and march forward with their ambition. True to their roots, the ASCE Younger Members of the State of Texas carried on in their quest to unite YM’s across the vast state in a single weekend to enjoy one another’s company and bask in nature’s glory.

Early planning begun in October for a spring Camping Weekend, as eight YM leaders from various branches came together to scout locations, dining options, and scheduling weekends around PE exams and collegiate athletic events. After 7 months of preparation and accruing 112 registered campers, the weekend was postponed to the fall due to flash flooding at Lake Whitney State Park. Later that summer, Lake Whitney was closed until 2017 for maintenance due to catastrophic soil conditions (can we get some geotechnical engineers on the scene, please?). The alternate location of Fairfield State Park was selected for the September date.

Friday, September 9th, 40 YM campers from Austin, Dallas, El Paso, Fort Worth, Houston, Rio Grande Valley, and San Antonio branches met at Fairfield Lake State Park to enjoy a dry weekend with relatively nice weather. With plenty of camping spaces reserved in the Springfield Camping Loop and the Group Dining Facilities reserved for the weekend, campers were able to mingle, network, and enjoy the great outdoors. Each branch was responsible for planning and cooking one meal for the entire group of campers to promote camaraderie with their fellow branch YMs and contribute to the group as a whole. Some of the YM campers stepped up to lead a hiking group along some of the different trails throughout the State Park. After an eventful Saturday, campers joined together for s’mores around the campfire.

Despite the obstacles throughout the development of this event, the passion and determination of the YM leaders and campers are what brought this idea to fruition. Without the collaboration of young talent across the Great State of Texas, this weekend of brotherhood and friendship would not have been possible.