Environmental Water Resource Institute (EWRI) Technical Session Presentations

Five Concurrent Technical Session Tracks will run from 8:30 am - 11:20am

Environmental Water Resource Institute (EWRI) Technical Session Presentations

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First Technical Session
Topic: What Do You Mean I’ll Have Wetlands in My Parking Lot?  Planning for Environmental Compliance Rather Than Reacting to Environmental Compliance 
Speaker: Rudi Reinecke, Integrated Environmental Solutions

Section 404 permitting has been the dreaded topic in site planning and engineering of projects for a number of years.  This is a result of either a bad experience or simply unknowledgeable of the process.  Today Mr. Reinecke will provide a brief introduction to waters of the United States, Section 404 Permit types, and how to strategize your project to get it over the finish-line.  The presentation will provide real-life examples on how projects were permitted and strategized to utilizing Nationwide Permitting to its advantage.   Proper planning is not just about obtaining the Section 404 permit, but also whether the project can afford the compensatory mitigation.  Mr. Reinecke will provide an overview of recent guidelines in the Fort Worth District regarding mitigation policies as they will affect the overall budget of a project. 

Rudolph (Rudi) Reinecke is the Vice President of Integrated Environmental Solutions, LLC (IES).  IES has been in business for 13 years providing environmental consulting in Texas and surrounding states.   Rudi holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Rangeland Ecology and Management from Texas A&M University.  Rudi has been providing environmental consulting for 20 years through working at Texas Department of Transportation, Geo-Marine, Inc., and IES.  Rudi came into the stream and wetland field through his experience in plant taxonomy and ecology program at Texas A&M, but has cultivated his career through desire to identify solutions to the complexities of Section 404 permitting.  Through his understanding of all facets of the current regulations and relationships with USACE, mitigation bankers, and general site planning process, Rudi offers his clients strategies to minimize time, money, and headaches in dealing with the Clean Water Act regulations. 

Second Technical Session
Topic: Overview of USACE Flood Control and Risk Reduction Projects
Speaker: Jerry Cotter U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Jerry Cotter, P.E., is the Chief of the Water Resources Branch, for the Fort Worth District.  Prior to this position Jerry served as the Chief of the Water Management Section within the Water Resources Branch.  The Water Resources Branch manages and conducts investigations for 27 flood control reservoirs, levee systems across the Dallas Fort Worth area and numerous flood damage reduction projects within the Fort Worth District.  Jerry is also the senior leader for national teams within USACE engaged in developing new and innovative tools to support the USACE water resources and water management missions.

After graduating from the University of Texas at Arlington with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Jerry began his career with the US Army Corps of Engineers in 1980 as a hydraulic engineer within the Water Resources Branch.  In 1984, Jerry left federal service and practiced in the private sector until 1994 when he left the Super Conducting Super Collider and returned to work for USACE in the Water Resources Branch.  During his career, Jerry has worked on many studies as well as infrastructure projects for municipal, county and federal governments across Texas and in Florida including, dam designs, drainage systems, water and waste water systems and roadways. 

Third Technical Session
Topic: City of Dallas Capital Improvements Program 
Speaker: Mark Simon, PE, Dallas Water Utilities

Dallas Water Utilities (DWU) is a regional provider of water and wastewater services in north Texas. DWU serves more than 2 million customers. DWU has 3 water treatment plants with 900 MGD treatment capacity, 2 wastewater treatment plants with 260 MGD treatment capacity and approximately 5000 miles of pipelines. The presentation will present an overview of the DWU Capital Improvements Program and the 5 year CIP.

Mr. Simon has a BS in chemical engineering from Iowa State University and an MS in Civil/Environmental Engineering from Texas A&M University. Mr. Simon has over 19 years’ experience in a broad range of environmental engineering practice. For the last 16 years Mr. Simon has worked in the water and wastewater industry as both a consultant and owner specializing in water treatment process design and construction. Mr. Simon has been with the City of Dallas for 10.5 years. In that time he has managed engineering and construction contracts totaling over $400M. He is currently the Senior Program Manager for Water Facilities Project Management at Dallas Water Utilities. He manages an annual budget of approximately $120M and the program typically has around $250M of active construction projects at any time.

Mr. Simon is a member of AWWA, WEF, CMAA, DBIA. He is a registered professional engineer in Texas and a Certified Construction Manager.