CE Club - Speakers Needed!

ASCE Dallas Needs CE Club Speakers!
ASCE Dallas sponsors a Civil Engineering Club at Woodrow Wilson High School in east Dallas. We are always looking for civil engineering professionals that are passionate about sharing their vocation with the next generation of civil engineers. The CE Club meetings at WWHS are unique in that they take place during normal classroom hours. In essence, you will be serving as a substitute teacher for part of the day while sharing about your particular branch of civil engineering.

Here’s what you can expect to commit to as a CE Club Speaker:

  • Presenting to 3 class periods (Fridays preferred, but other days may be arranged)

o   8:55am-9:45am
o   9:50am-10:40am
o   10:45am-11:35am

  • Presentation format is intentionally left open ended for you as the presenter. The 50 minute class periods are available for you to use in whatever way you feel will be the most effective. Below are some examples:

o   20 minute presentation on your job, company, branch of civil engineering (it can be as technical as you want, as long as you’re comfortable explaining it to high school students); 30 minutes of a group activity or problem-solving session
o   50 minute group activity or problem-solving session with brief introduction to the topic at hand

  • We are also looking for individuals and companies that are willing to open up their offices and jobsites to smaller groups of students for field trips throughout the school year.


Here’s what to expect from your audience and the classroom:

  • High school juniors and seniors in the “Civil Engineering and Architecture Design” class within the WWHS Engineering Academy all under the control and responsibility of their teacher, Mr. Brandon Carver
  • 15-25 students per class
  • Large classroom with computer work stations along the walls and 4-5 tables in the middle of the room for group activities
  • Laptop with projector and whiteboard for writing/drawing

Information and pictures from CE Club meetings in the past can be found here and here.

If you are interested in presenting at the WWHS CE Club please contact the ASCE Dallas CE Club Champion, Jonathan Brower, at [email protected] or 214-593-1139.