Technical Sessions - September 2015

MORNING SESSION - Hosted by History & Heritage Institute @ 11:15 AM 

Topic: Texas Skyscrapers

Speaker: Richard Furlong, PE  Professor Emeritus from UT Austin

Area(s) of Expertise:
Structural Engineering
Educational Qualifications:
Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin, 1963
M.S., Washington University, St. Louis, Civil Engineering, 1957
B.S., Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Civil Engineering, 1952
Technical Interests:
Composite structures, analysis for inelastic behavior of structures, structural design


Topic: Engineered Drywells for Deep Stormwater Infiltration

Speaker: James Mayer, M.ASCE

This month's presentation was developed to discuss the benefits of deep infiltrations using engineered drywells. As the evolution of stormwater regulations move toward not just preventing, but reversing the effects of hydromodification as well as promoting the recharge of our depleted groundwater aquifers, the use of Low Impact Development (LID) techniques, including deep infiltration, is growing. By using deep infiltration as part of a proper LID design, we are seeing that both of these goals are being met. Drywells have been studied for decades and have been found to provide a reliable and maintainable mechanism for infiltrating clean stormwater into the vadose zone, where it can slowly filter down to the aquifer below. The presentation will cover infiltration in general and drywells in detail, including history, design, construction, maintenance, study data, and performance. Torrent Resources has perfected the engineered drywell over the past 40+ years, through the installation of over 75,000 systems, more than 99% of which are still in use today.

Mr. Mayer has been in engineering for more than 20 years, beginning as an environmental engineer in 1994. He has seen the commercial development industry from the municipal side as part of the City of Scottsdale's development review department, from the consulting side as a project manager for both large and small civil engineering firms, from the developer side as a development manager for a publicly traded REIT, and from the design/build contractor side where he served as a project manager on both large and small civil projects at a number of DOD Facilities. He now serves as technical marketing engineer at Torrent Resources, where he provides technical expertise in the siting, design, and installation of engineered drywells and directs the company's education and outreach program by sharing the benefits of deep infiltration with civil, geotechnical, and municipal professionals.