Daniel W. Mead Prize for Younger Members

This prize was established and endowed in 1939 by Daniel W. Mead, Past President and Honorary Member, ASCE.

The paper must address professional ethics with respect to the following question or statement:

An engineer's prime focus is safety of design, but safety concerns may sometimes be limited to the end-product users without additional care taken for the safety of the builders. While constructability is typically a factor in design, safety of individuals during the construction is usually considering a Contractor's Issue.

Recently, Engineers and Architects have been severely criticized for the "human costs" of building their projects, despite these designers having no influence during the construction stages. The incidence of human costs differs greatly, yet is often higher with the most innovative and cutting edge designs.

• Should an Engineer assume and be held accountable for the safety of construction of their design plans, despite having no control after placing his or her Seal? If so, to what degree
• Does this responsibility change if no Contractor negligence has been proven
• What are the ethical implications of holding or not holding Engineers accountable
• How does the ASCE Code of Ethics address this topic
• How have the courts handled these issues in case studies? Should there be changes to the laws
• What is the appropriate ethical stance in regards to the concept of prevention through design?

Entries must be received on or before February 1, 2015. More info on the rules and how to enter can be found here.