# Visit ASCE Landmarks

If you’ve been on our social media in the past couple months you’re sure to have seen the ASCE landmarks we’ve been sharing! While we may not be able to visit them at the moment, sharing these landmarks on our social media has been a great way for us to celebrate ASCE’s History and Heritage and appreciate some really amazing works of engineering. Thanks to our members, who sent in pictures and shared what they love about their favorite landmarks, we’ve been able to fill up our travel lists with landmarks as close as the Houston Street Viaduct, located here in Dallas, and as far away as the Panama Canal. Click through the submissions listed below or visit our social media to see all the submissions received and see which landmarks your fellow members put amongst their favorites. Also, visit our revamped ASCE Dallas Landmarks page to learn more about the SIX ASCE historic landmarks and ELEVEN Texas Section OCEA projects in the DFW area! Of course, if you visit any of these landmarks, be sure to share your picture with the hashtag “#VisitASCElandmarks”!


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