President's Message - September 2020

Julie Jones

Dear Dallas Branch Members:


Fall is just around the corner, it will bring new officers, and hopefully cooler temperatures and football.  The Dallas Branch Nominations committee has convened and the slate of officers was announced in the August meeting.  Don’t forget to vote and nominate others for next year.  If you don’t vote via the ballots emailed out before the September meeting, you can during the meeting.  I am grateful to all those who have stepped up for next year.  Our Branch could not do all we do without many strong leaders, and we are still looking for many committee leads for next year.


Your 2020-2021 Slate of Officers is as follows:

Board of Directors Position

Nominee Name

Vice President

Nancy Cline, P.E.


Reece Taylor, P.E.

Treasurer (2-yr Term)

Patrick Williams, P.E.

Technical Director

Surya Bhandari, P.E.

Branch Director

Nicholas Phillips, P.E.


Board of Directors Position

Officer Name

Succession from 2018-2019


Jonathan Brower, P.E.



Edward Penton, P.E. 

Vice President

Past President

Julie Jones, P.E. 


Texas Section Director (2nd year of 2-yr Term)

Phillip Alcorn, P.E.

Texas Section Director


The Ft. Worth Branch will not be hosting the annual ASCE Dallas / Ft Worth Golf Tournament, due to COVID-19.  Other news is that CECON has been moved to virtual, so keep a watch for the information on it. 


This month at our meeting Edward Motley, Lake Ralph Hall Program Manager for Upper Trinity Regional Water District.  Will be giving a presentation entitled “Writing the Great American Novel… Developing A New Water Supply – Lake Ralph Hall”.  This will cover the history and the phases of this project.  I look forward to the meeting this month!


Yours in service,

Julie A. Jones, PE, CFM

ASCE Dallas Branch, 2019-2020