E-Week at the Perot Museum

The national celebration of Engineers, E-week, has officially come to an end and we had a great time celebrating! This year, ASCE Dallas joined the Perot Museum in highlighting the field of civil engineering by hosting a penny bridge activity at the Perot’s Annual E-week event. The penny bridge activity involves using one sheet of paper to build a bridge that spans an 8” gap. Students then load the bridge with pennies to test the bridge’s strength. We had 11 ASCE volunteers and over 100 elementary through high-school students visit the ASCE booth and compete to build the strongest bridge. Our strongest bridge this year was built by Sawyer whose bridge held 424 pennies! Many students, parents, and teachers expressed how much they enjoyed the activity and learning about civil engineering. We hope ASCE made an impact and inspired the next generation of civil engineers.