2020 Christmas is For Caring Update

The members of the Dallas Branch of the American Society of Civil Engineers donated $1,288 toward the 42nd Annual “Christmas Is For Caring Campaign”.  As a part of the split between the scholarship fund and a specific charity $592.50 was donated thru the meeting registration.  To date our members have given $27,170 to the Denton State Supported Living Center (formally known as the Denton State School) since we started in 2003.  The money was pledged toward the purchase of money purses, wallets, CDs (Country, Rock and Roll, Latino songs), body pillows, digital watches, night gowns & pajamas, backpacks, adult coloring books, warm socks and gloves, Texas Rangers ball caps, Dallas Cowboy’s shirts, body wash, hair dryers, manicure sets, puzzles, aftershave, make-up kits, arts & crafts, bedspreads, electric toothbrushes, mirrors, blankets, and electric razors.    

We would like to thank all of you that gave to this great cause.

Thank you,

Dallas Branch of ASCE