Technical Session- EWRI - January 2021


Topic: Flooding, the Trinity River, and the Region 3 Flood Planning Group

Speaker: Glenn Clingenpeel

Glenn Clingenpeel is the Executive Manager of Technical Services and Basin Planning for the Trinity River Authority where he has worked for twenty-two years, serving in a variety of positions that cover everything from technical field jobs to the Executive Assistant to the General Manager.  He holds degrees in biology, ecology, environmental sciences, French language, and business administration.  Glenn leads a team of scientists and engineers that work on everything from ecological surveys and water quality analyses to open channel hydraulic modeling and water supply accounting.  He is also responsible for the Authority’s GIS group that directly supports water and wastewater operations and literally touches every group within the agency.

Throughout his career, Glenn has been active in numerous organizations, including the Texas Water Conservation Association, the North Central Texas Council of Governments, the Galveston Bay Council and the Water Environment Association of Texas.  He currently serves as the interim chair for the newly created Region 3 Trinity Flood Planning Group.