August 2017 Meeting Sponsor is BGE

Our brand speaks to BGE’s vibrancy, our forward-thinking approach and our commitment to the world around us. It succinctly underscores our agility and nimbleness in today’s hyper-paced world, while retaining our connection to the legacy of Brown & Gay Engineers and the high standards that have brought us to where we are today.

BGE stands for how we communicate and how we work – efficient, focused and with the foresight to see opportunities and improve the quality of life for both the communities we serve and our employees.

BGE reflects the contemporary and interconnected workforce we are today and acts as the bridge to our growth.  Our position line, “Serving. Leading. Solving.” captures what’s essential not only to our clients but also to ourselves. It is who we are and what we do.

From planning through design, program and project management, and construction, BGE has a start-to-finish orientation. Our services are comprehensive. Our knowledge must match.

Some of what we know (like hydrology and hydraulics) goes back centuries to bridge, dam, and road engineering; urban planning; stormwater control; and much more.

Some are relatively new, such as intelligent transportation systems (ITS); geographic information systems (GIS); environmental regulations and permitting; 3D, spatial, and hydrologic modeling; industrial development; feasibility analyses; and financing. The list is long and growing and all are part of developing and sustaining our man-made and natural worlds. What BGE does is foundational and crucial, which is why our clients hire us.